Threre are so few examples of Margaret's signature for collectors to view in order to determine if they are authentic, I thought I would offer a photo of 1 signature that I have 100% confidence in as the providence is obvious.

I was given the first book that Margaret has stories published in by her goddaughter Laurel - It is an anthology of stories called Another Here and Now Storybook. Published in 1937. It was given by Margaret to Laurel's mother Dorothy Wagstaff - a close friend of Margaret's. Dorothy illustrated one of Margaret's books (Horses), Margaret was the godmother to Dorothy's children and was Dorothy's made of honor at her wedding.

The notation on the endpaper says :

To Dot - the first critic of some of these stories -

I hope you can stand Terrrible Tigerrr

Margaret Wise Brown

(with and arrow pointing up) and the word autograph to the right

Laurel said the story The story Terrrible Tigerrrr was written about Laurel's little brother.
The signature above of Golden MacDonald and Leonard Weisgard are on my copy of Little Island - MWB used Golden MacDonald as one of her many pseudonyms.


IOBA Edition Identification
Edition Identification by Publisher

Harper (Harper & Brothers) – Prior to 1912, the date on the title page should match the last date on the copyright page. In 1912, they began including a letter code for the month and year the book was printed, which would actually be earlier than the official publication date. For the months, A= January, B= February, C=March, D= April, E= May, F= June, G= July, H= August, I= September, K= October, L= November, M= December (They skipped the letter J in both the month and year just to make it extra confusing and then started with the letter M just to mess with your head)

1912 = M 1920 = U 1928 = C 1936 = L 1944 = T
1913 = N 1921 = V 1929 = D 1937 = M 1945 =U
1914 = O 1922 = W 1930 = E 1938 = N 1946 = V
1915 = P 1923 = X 1931 = F 1939 = O 1947 = W
1916 = Q 1924 = Y 1932 = G 1940 = P 1948 = X
1917 = R 1925 = Z 1933 = H 1941= Q 1949 = Y
1918 = S 1926 = A 1934 = I 1942 = R
1919 = T 1927 = B 1935 = K 1943 = S


In 1922, they began stating “First Edition” as well, but also used the above coding system until 1949. In 1962, they became Harper and Row. They began to use a number line to the bottom of the last page but often failed to remove the “First Edition” statement from later printings. In 1975, they began using a number line on the copyright page… again often failing to remove the “First Edition” statements from later printings. In 1990, they changed the name again to Harper Collins, but nothing changed regarding their first edition identification … including forgetting to remove the “First Edition” statements from later impressions.

Baumgarten Price Guide and Bibliography - This is the 2004 edition and the prices are not current, but the 1st Edition notes are

valuable in that some list the price noted on the Dust Jacket, sometimes the only way to confirm a true first edition.

Abbriviations are:

ipcb illustrated paper covered boards

unpag unpagenated

dep designed endpapers - lines, patterns etc.

pep pitorial endpapers - more elaborate than deb

ibds illustrated boards

cl cloth

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