Good Housekeeping

"One Eye Open" (April 1948)


"Where Have You Been?" (May 1948)

This is the first publication of the story "Where have you been?" 

Page 93,

Illustrated by Garth Williams 




"What Next in the Garden!"; "Whoopsie Daisy!"; "Said a Bug to a Bug-" (June 1948)

These stories were not published again after appearing in GoodHouskeeping. 

Page 18

Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard 


"The Big Red Barn" (July 1948)

This is the first publication of "The Big Red Barn".

Page 93

Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard 

"Sheep Don't Count Sheep" (August 1948)
  "Little Brown Tug" (September 1948)
  "Pusscatkin and the Pumpkin" (October 1948)
  "The Brave Little Weathervane" (November 1948)
"Santa Claus Upside Down" (December 1948)
"3 Fish Go Fishing" (January 1949)
  "The Magic Car" (February 1949)
  "Pussywillow" (March 1949)
"In the Sugar Egg" (April 1949)
  "The Bear and the Butterfly" (June 1949)
  "The Moon Balloon" (July 1949)
  "Three Little Pigeons" (August 1949)
  "Scarecrow School" (September 1949)

Story Parade

  "Never Worked and Never Will" (August 1937)

"One Night" (June 1939)

  ""Cats from a Story Book, or Cat Medley" (November 1942)Land Ahead" (September 1940)


"The Sad Sliced Onion" (March 1946)

This story was not published again after appearing in Story Parade. 

Page 10

Illustrated by Charlotte Rehfeld 

  "Two Little Miners," written with Edith

Jack and Jill
"How the Animals Took a Bath" (January 1939) 

Pictures and Stories: A Story Magazine for Primary Children (Methodist
Publishing House)
"The Shining Stones" (12 July 1942)
"The Birthday Present" (19 July 1942)
"A Surprise" (26 July 1942)

Primary Quarterly (Sunday School Board of Southern Baptist Convention)
"Missy's Christmas Shopping" (March 1940) 
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